Lou's Story

Lou Rey faced a life-altering diagnosis of AML (leukemia) in July 2022, a mere two weeks before celebrating his 50th birthday. This unforeseen revelation had an immense impact on our lives, especially considering Lou's ongoing health struggles since contracting COVID the previous year. Despite persistent health issues leading up to the diagnosis, Lou, deemed disabled, had been withdrawn from work during that time.

Upon receiving the diagnosis, Lou underwent a series of challenging chemotherapy treatments, necessitating a 61-day hospital stay. While he initially achieved remission, the journey towards recovery was far from over. Lou, unable to resume work immediately, had to focus on regaining strength, continuing treatments, and improving his overall health.

Tragically, in September, routine testing revealed that Lou had relapsed, abruptly ending the brief respite from the disease. This news was particularly devastating, considering he had just received clearance to return to work and was on the brink of starting a new job. Unexpectedly, we lost our beloved Lou on November 8, 2023 succumbing to the relentless grip of this dreadful and insidious disease at the age of 51.